«Premium Credit» program

Under this program individual entrepreneurs and legal entities* can get loans for replenishment of working capital, acquisition and modernization of fixed assets, as well as refinancing debt in other banks.

* Except for joint stock companies.

Credit conditions

Loan currency Amount of loan Credit period*** Form of granting Procedure for repayment
tenge, US dollars, Russian rubles 75 million tenge
500 thousand US dollars**
1 month lump-sum loan or credit line Annuity or equal parts with the possibility of providing flexible schedule and/or delay of repayment of principal debt
750 million tenge
5 million US dollars**
84 months

Loan for investment purposes may not exceed the borrower’s equity; 
Loan for replenishment of working capital – not more than 25% of the borrower’s current assets. 
** Or the equivalent in Russian rubles. 
*** Credit period for the replenishment of working capital – not more than 36 months.

The conditions for the borrower

  • work experience on the main activity – not less than 6 months;
  • the borrower’s activity over the last year must not be unprofitable;
  • the amount of equity in the borrower’s balance structure shall be not less than 25% of the balance value;
  • the proportion of borrower’s unresolved overdue for more than 60 days receivable/payable debt may not exceed 15% of the amount of his total debt;
  • the absence of overdue debt under financial obligations to the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and to the servicing bank over the last 12 months;
  • the absence of renewals and restructurings under financial obligations to the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and to the servicing bank;
  • having obtained the loan the borrower must transfer his floating funds to the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) or become a participant of the salary project of the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

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