Overdraft for medium-sized business


KZT/RUB subject to availability of foreign currency proceeds


Minimum amount - KZT - 30 000 000 (equivalent in foreign currency). RUB - 6 000 000 with repayment in the national currency. Maximum amount - KZT - 450,000,000 (equivalent in foreign currency). RUB - 90 000 000 with repayment in the national currency.


Fixed rate is set individually


Working capital replenishment


Period of the Limit - not more than 12 months tranche period - not more than 1 month

Commission fee

According to the Bank’s tariffs


No collateral/blank credit.

*The equivalent of the amount in tenge in foreign currency at the exchange rate of the NBRK as of the date of taking a decision.

Loan Calculator

Up to 6 000 000 KZT

Up to 84 months

Monthly payment

Total sum of payments

Total overpayment amount