VTB Business Online

Online Banking for Business

Online banking services without leaving your office or home


Simply connect

  • Choose a service division
  • Sign the Application for Accession to the Terms and Conditions of Remote Banking Services "VTB Business Online"
  • Get an EDS for each user
  • Get instructions for connection

VTB Business

The system allows to remotely receive demanded banking services.

Overview of the company's accounts

  • current, savings, loan in real time;
  • review of information on issued guarantees/loans (rate, term, issue date, closing date)
  • review of current balances and available funds in any currency
  • receipt of statements in electronic format (PDF, CSV, MT 940. text) on a daily basis;
  • management of subsidiaries and affiliates' accounts.

Sending urgent payments in national currency

  • payment for goods, works performed and services rendered;
  • making social, tax and other obligatory payments;
  • transfer of salaries to payment cards of employees;
  • payment of pension contributions to pension funds;

Currency transfers

  • money transfer in foreign currency;
  • purchase/sale of foreign currency against tenge;
  • currency conversion.

Placement of funds in deposits

Passing currency control, online status of payments and documents

Review of Bank news

Messaging with Bank's employees and many other transactions

Working with the "VTB Business Online" system is safe and reliable. It has multistage protection based on the mechanism of multifactor customer authentication and electronic signature using certified tools.

Complex of system protection tools and methods:

  • customer's connection to the system via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which provides encryption of transmitted information;
  • access to the system by entering the customer's name, password and electronic signature (e-Token PRO 72k Java) or a one-time code sent to the customer in an SMS message;
  • confirmation of payment documents using the customer's electronic signature or a one-time code sent to the customer in an SMS message.

To work with the "VTB Business Online" system you will need:

1. Personal computer, laptop, tablet that meet the following conditions:

  • licensed operating system 2008, Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise, Home Premium, Home Basic), Windows 8/8.1 x86/ x64, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.9.5 Mavericks. All operating systems require Russian language support and latest security updates;
  • supported OS for tablets: AndroidX, 5.X; iOS 9.X, 10.X;
  • 1 GB RAM capacity;
  • 100Mb free hard disk space;
  • video system that provides a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels;
  • software for work with EDS TumarCSP;
  • licensed (timely updated) antivirus software.

2. Internet access.

3. One of the following web browsers:

  • Application for accession to the Terms and Conditions of Remote Banking Services in the "Internet Banking" system;
  • Application for parameter change for remote banking services in the "Internet Banking" system;
  • Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of a kit for connection to "Internet Banking" remote banking services system;
  • Certificate of connection of "Internet Banking" remote banking services system;
  • APPLICATION for performance of works to support the "Internet Banking" system;
  • Notice of electronic digital signature key compromise;
  • Application for termination of the Terms and Conditions of remote banking services in the "Internet Banking" system;
  • Procedure for ensuring security while working in the "Internet Banking" system.


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