Deposit Demand

Basic parameters Conditions
Customer segment for which the deposit is offered Legal entities  
Term of deposit Indefinite
Currency of transactions KZT/RUB
Payment of remuneration On the last business day of the year. 
Minimum deposit amount KZT – 1,500,000;
RUB – 500,000.
Maximum deposit amount No more than 10 sizes of the Bank's equity capital
Minimum balance KZT – 1,500,000;
RUB – 500,000.
Interest rate KZT - 0,1% p.a. (AERR from 0,1%);
RUB - 0,05% p.a. (AERR from 0,1%).
Additional contributions Allowed
Partial withdrawal Allowed up to the minimum balance
Capitalisation of interest Not envisaged
Terms and conditions of early termination of bank deposit 1. If the placement period is less than 1 month, payment (accrual) of remuneration is not envisaged.
   2. In case of placement period of 1 month or more, interest accrued/payable is recalculated and paid at the interest rate of the deposit