3DSecure – Secure payments in Internet

Dear owners of payment cards of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)!

VTB08-0018.jpg Paying particular attention to security of operations in Internet with the use of payment cards, VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has connected all of its payment cards of Visa international payment system (including corporate) to 3-D Secure technology.

This technology ensures increased security when paying for goods (works, services) by means of payment cards in Internet.

3-D Secure technology allows the Bank to authenticate the cardholder conducting online payment. 3-D Secure is used for all types of cards of Visa payment system (Verified by Visa program) issued by the Bank.

How does Verified by Visa program work

1. In order to activate the service, the Client must fill out an application at any branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for activation of service «SMS-notifications for card transactions»*.

Clients who have previously activated the service «SMS-notifications for card transactions» are not required to fill out additional applications due to the fact that, Verified by Visa service is automatically available for all types of cards.

When paying in online-store which supports Verified by Visa program (Verified by Visa logo should be on web-site of online-store), you enter the following data:

  1. card number;
  2. card validity period срок;
  3. upon request – first and last name in Latin transliteration (as indicated on the front side of the card);
  4. CVV2 code (indicated in the field «Authorized signature» on the reverse side of the card).

After entering required information, you will be redirected to the web-site of the Bank, where it is necessary to enter one-time password in a specialized form containing details of conducted transaction on the card in order to confirm the payment.

This password consists of 4 digits and comes by means of SMS-messages to mobile phone. The message also contains information on the password expiration and time of activating the password in the system.

Note that the password can be used only within 5 minutes after receiving SMS-message and only for confirmation of that card transaction during conduction of which it was formed.

After receiving one-time password to mobile phone, you have to check details of the transaction on the web-site and enter the password into appropriate field.

If the password is entered correctly, authentication of the Client will be completed successful (transaction is considered as conducted personally by the cardholder) and you will return to the web-site of online-store.

On the basis of positive result of authorization on the web-site of online-store it must be specified that the payment of purchase with the use of card is completed successfully.

If you enter wrong one-time password, you will see corresponding data message, and SMS-message with new password will be sent.

Allowable number of incorrect inputs of Dynamic password is - 5 (five) times/day.

2. If you have not connected to the service «SMS-notifications for card transactions»

In this case, Verified by Visa service on your card will not be available.

Herewith you will have opportunity to make transactions in Internet without entering one-time password.

Note that in this case, security of payments is significantly reduced! 
*Cost of service «SMS-Notifications» - according to current tariffs of the Bank.