International payment cards

Cash payments are gradually reaching back. 

International payment card – is a modern method of payment. 
This is a step into the future. 

Why do you need a payment card?

It is more convenient than cash

3.jpgLess problems - more options: payment card releases you from many of the complexities associated with storage and exchange of cash. Becoming a cardholder you will receive round-the-clock access to your bank account. With a bank card you can pay for goods and services and withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

It is safer than cash

VTB Bank ensures safety of your funds.

 Easier than cash

Bank cards make life of a traveler much easier: with the card you do not need to declare the money when going abroad. Furthermore, while traveling abroad it is much easier and safer to obtain local currency via bank card, rather than to exchange cash.

More useful than cash

Payment cards - this is money for all occasions. For many, they have become a common way to pay for everyday shopping or lunch in the cafe. But that your opportunities are not limited to: using the payment card you can pay for goods and services online, rent cars, book hotel rooms, book airline tickets.

Our bank issues cards of international payment system Visa International. 

Why is it worth to choose VTB cards?

How not to make the wrong choice? First you need to verify the reliability of the bank, its impeccable reputation, and then determine the most favorable for you conditions of opening an account.

About the advantages of VTB cards

  • VTB Bank has one of the most developed networks of branches and offices on the territory of Russia.
  • Your credit card account can be opened as in tenge, so in rubles, U.S. dollars and euro.
  • All questions relating to the use of bank cards, you can at any time address to VTB round-the-clock authorization service. Call us and we will help you to deal with the situation at hand, give professional advice, and inform you on the addresses of the nearest ATM.

Upon your request, we will monthly provide free detailed statement of the account.

You can open additional cards - it is an opportunity to give your family access to holdings on your bank account.

Our capabilities

  • to issue one or more additional payment cards to own account for your family members;
  • to replenish your payment card account, as independently and so through authorized persons;
  • to replenish your payment card account as via depositing cash money, so through the transfer of funds from the accounts in other banks.

Documents for receiving payment card

  • ID document with IIN (Individual Identification Number).

Issuing your payment card will take about 5 working days.

The owner of the payment card of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) can become persons aged 18 years, residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition to the main payment card you can order additional payment cards for persons reached age of 14 years.

 Card account currency

Tenge, rubles, U.S. dollars and euro. 

In today`s world, payment cards have become increasingly popular, and their benefits are recognized even by the most convinced conservatives.

Commission fee for cash advance

  • In the ATM network of the Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) on cards of SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) - 0.5% in KZT;
  • In the offices of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) on cards of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) - KZT 0.5% + 300 tenge;
  • In the ATM networks of other banks - participants of IPS VISA Int. on Bank payment cards  - 1% min. 500 tenge.

All holders of payment cards of SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) may receive cash at ATMs of banks  belonging to the VTB Group* in the CIS countries on tariffs set by the Kazakh Bank VTB.

* Russia - Bank VTB24, JSC, Georgia - VTB Bank (Georgia), JSC, Armenia - VTB Bank (Armenia), CJSC, Azerbaijan - VTB Bank (Azerbaijan, Belarus), OJSC - VTB Bank (Belarus, Ukraine - VTB Bank PJSC).


In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the loss of payment card, the need to obtain information on the balance of funds, possible assistance or advice to cardholders of SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) round the clock authorization service is available by phone: (727) 330-43-43.