Security of card and PIN

Useful advice for cardholders:

Keep the card out of reach of unauthorized persons, do not leave it unattended in public places, such as restaurant, hotel, or the job. To avoid damaging the card, do not expose the card to thermal, electromagnetic, or mechanical stress. If the card has been damaged and cannot be used for operations, immediately contact your bank to reissue cards. Write down the phone numbers of the Bank and always keep this information near yourselves.

If withdrawing money is recommended to use ATMs of banks known to you, keep in a secret PIN, card expiry date and the code CVV2. Do not give card to third parties. Do not give your family the Card. If necessary, release for them several additional cards. Not inform the outsiders about your personal information - is information, as agreed with the Bank to identify you as a card holder: a code word, the data of documents, identity cards and the number of accounts, passwords, PIN.

The Bank does not recommend disclosing personally identifiable information to unknown persons, regardless of whom they claim to be, because these data can be used for illegal activities, by which you can be inflicted material and moral damage. Do not use personal information for participation in the sweepstakes, etc., even if it promises that participation is free. Do not reveal personal information by phone in public places and in the presence of unauthorized persons who may hear this information and later use it for their own purposes.

Do not leave documents containing your personal information unattended in public places including offices, hotel and airport - wherever they may become accessible to third parties. Try to abstain from storing personal information in clear text on your computer, mobile phone, PDA. This information may be accessible to persons engaged in the maintenance of this equipment, or the attackers, who managed to get access to it over the network or physically stealing it. Before you throw your paper documents with personal information, tear them into small pieces or use a shredder. In order to guarantee the removal of information from electronic media should use a special program, and in cases where it is not possible, we recommend physically destroying the media.

We draw your attention!

If your personal information has become available to third parties, you should immediately notify the bank by telephone numbers specified on the reverse side of your card.