Ways to protect against skimming

Dear cardholders, we inform you that skimming is gaining ground worldwide.

Skimming - the illegal copying of data from magnetic stripe cards with the help of special devices, skimmers, and then copying the data to another card, made by fraudsters. With the help of which the attackers can pay in shopping malls, as well as the use of the fake cards to withdraw cash from ATMs. Fraudsters readily reap the benefits of technological progress - and our inattention.

Especially popular among cybercriminals are ATMs: firstly, there is money, and secondly, there are many ways to reach potential victims by surprise and profit at its expense. However, criminals are also vulnerable to this situation: near ATMs are easy to "detect" and arrested. Therefore, hackers have invented devices that do for them all the dirty work. This is the skimmers. Skimmer - consists of two parts. The first part is a kind of pad, attach to the card reader .

The second part of a skimmer - a miniature video camera installed in the same or above the ATM or the PIN keypad bill. Card reader writes the electronic information from your card, and using these data, the criminals can make a completely identical to your plastic. A video camera or a PIN keypad bill intended to record the dialed your PIN. Fraudsters are not so imperceptible, and more - often they are very messy. But this is not a reason to lose vigilance, especially because often skimmers look very convincing and made ​​on a professional level, as a rule they do not differ in color from the ATM.

We offer you the basic rules for protection against skimming these rules apply both to the Bank`s ATMs and at all ATMs of other banks, in which you decide to withdraw cash):

1. If you thought that the ATM is something wrong, it is advisable to attempt to withdraw cash at another ATM. Protruding wires or matching the color of the rest of the material around the card reader device - sufficient reasons for suspicion. Suppose that you may be mistaken, but the risk is certainly not worth it.

2. Inspect the area around the ATM machine in search of mirrors or other suspicious items. In the cabin, where the ATM is installed, there should be no foreign objects. You should look closer to the stand for the flyers - often spy equipment hidden there.

3. Protect your PIN. PIN is a must try to keep away from prying eyes, though you may seem a strange man who stands in line for you. The easiest way is to cover with the palm of keyboard when you type numbers. The primitive way of protection, but it works flawlessly.

4. Look for ATMs under video surveillance. Typically, a device placed in the area of ​​video surveillance, better protected from the possibility of installation of the skimmers, though, because criminals rarely go to such a risk.

5. Be wary of ATM in suspicious places. Skimmers easiest to install on devices that are located far away from populous places and busy streets. If possible, use ATMs at the offices of the bank.

6. Do not be afraid to touch the ATM. If you think that the device looks strange, feel free to check to see if on the ATM a skimmer. If the fraudsters can remove spyware equipment with card reader, then you can do that.

7. Never use an ATM if you are offering help from outside. Often scammers dress up as a technical staff, bank employees, or just pretend to be customers. This could be the guy in the official uniform, which will tell you that the device is repaired, cleaned, and offers you with it to withdraw funds. Just turn around and leave.

8. If something seemed suspicious to you, inform 24/24hours, 7/7days an authorization center by telephone: +7 (727) 330-43-43. Maybe you raise a false alarm, but vigilance often helps to prevent crime.