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What documents are needed for payments cards? 

For residents:

Passport or ID card and TIN. 
If you do not have TIN, you can get it in your district tax office in the community.

For a nonresident: 
An identity document (passport of a foreign citizen; stateless person identification; residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan), TIN.


Is it possible to open the card account by power of attorney?

According to the subparagraph 2, paragraph 18, of the Rules for opening, maintaining and closing the Customers’ bank accounts in the Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 02, 2000, No 266, adopted by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to open the payment card in the name of a third party, an attorney is obliged to provide the bank with the following documents: *Power-of-Attorney for the right to open and (or) maintain the payment card certified by the notary; *A copy of the document issued by the tax authority confirming the fact of the customer’s tax registration (if the customer is a taxpayer in accordance with the tax law and he/she is assigned the taxpayer’s registration number); *For the customers – under-aged customers who didn’t achieve sixteen years old – Certificate of Birth; *An identity card of the Attorney.


If my payment card account is in dollars, in what currency and rate will I get the money abroad? 

If the ATM is not configured for issue of foreign currency you will receive cash in the currency of the host country. That is, in Kazakhstan-Tenge, in the U.S.-the dollar, in Europe-the euro. The exchange rate established by international payment system Visa Int. and passes through the U.S. dollar. In most cases, it is much better courses that you will be offered in the exchange offices. In some countries the gains in conversion rates up to 3% of the amount! 
In most countries you do not need the cash in large amounts, because in many stores you can pay off your card. So when you depart, you don’t have a large amount of unnecessary cash. All your money will be on the payment card account safe and sound.
4. Can anyone but me, to put money into my account of payment card? 
Yes, anyone can replenish your account in cash, or make a bank transfer. Details for bank transfer you can get at any branch of SO JSC  Bank VTB of Kazakhstan.

Can customers of the Bank VTB 24 send money on my card, Bank VTB (Kazakhstan)?

Yes, if the Bank VTB 24 provides service VISA to VISA. As the Bank VTB 24 is a separate financial institution, information about services can be found by referring directly to the Bank VTB 24. 
Fill up the payment card, may be thru transfer operations. To do this you need to know requisites of the 
Bank issuer, the payment card number and account number of payment card.

6. Is it possible to replenish cards from different regions of the RK, or it will just transfer? If a payment card issued by SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan, then it can fill in any branch of the SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan. To do this you need to know the card number and account number of payment cards. 
If the payment card issued by another bank, so you can fill it through the transfer operations. To do this you need to know details of the Bank of the issuer, debit card number and account number of payment cards. 

How long is the production of card for the regions of the ROK? 

A payment card issues and given to the Client within 5 working days, Urgent cards, subject to payment of commission for urgency, within 2 working days (only for Almaty), after submission and application for issuance and payment card services, except for majeure, fire, floods, earthquakes, as a result of which may be impossible to timely delivery of  payment card.

Is it possible to do an additional card as inscribed, or all of additional cards opened in the name of the main holder? 

Additional payment card is inscribed and is available as for a basic holder (account holder) and for the customer who designed by the main card holder. Set up or change the limit on operations is only entitled the holder of the main credit card (account holder). 

 If the client claims that when withdrawing money from the card, the ATM did not give money, but money is written off. What to do the client? What time period is considered for such a situation?

You should write a statement about the conflict situation addressed to a manager of the Bank. The maximum term of consideration of this application is 90 days. 
10. When servicing at an ATM VTB24, such as the limit of the card is 10,000 dollars and the limit of the ATM 7500 rubles. If a customer wants to withdraw the amount of $ 5,000, he would shoot her on the 7500 RUB several parts, each client will be cashing in block 5% of the amount withdrawn in addition to interest for?  Yes. 

What if the consumer uses the card through the terminal, but let`s say, the seller held card 2 times, the amount debited two times? How to cancel a second wiring, the customer what to do?

During business day can make a return erroneous transactions through POS-terminal.

What are the points of sale accepting payment cards of SO JSC Bank VTB?

Number of enterprises in trade and services, accepting payment cards exceeds 14 million in developed countries, where for 30 years, payment cards are an integral part of life, retail outlets that accept payment cards can be found in even the most remote and sparsely populated areas. In some countries, cash to pay even more complicated than a payment card. This is due to the fact that the cash demand of collection, the availability of small change banknotes and other things, forcing shops to prefer the account cards. 
In Kazakhstan, the servicing of payment cards does not have so much history, but now many companies will be happy to serve you on your credit card.

13. Can I, using a card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) to pay online? 

In order to pay over the Internet you need to sign the “application on opening the access to buy goods and services through the Internet” In any branch/department of the Bank or at any time of the day to call to the authorization center of the Bank by the phone number: +7 (727) 330 43 43 or to open temporary access to the card.


What should I do if I lose my payment card? 

In case of loss of payment card, you must immediately contact the bank or call the authorization center and lock your payment card. After that, you should contact the bank with a statement of re-issue your card. Your payment card will be reissued as soon as possible, and you can again use your money. Thus, you lose only plastic, but not money stored in the payment card account. 
15. What privileges I receive when I use of the card Visa Gold? 

The use of payment cards Visa Gold gives customers the following benefits:

  1. Client receives a certificate of life insurance for free;
  2. Opportunity to participate in the actions undertaken by the bank as well as in association with MPS Visa int;
  3. Visa Gold  Card  is a premium card on which you an get discounts when buying and paying for goods via POS - terminals.

All information about ongoing promotions, discounts and bonuses can be found or visit

16. What is life insurance Charties, which I`ll get with the card Visa Gold, and how do I use it?

Accident insurance, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: around the world than the country of residence and country of citizenship / residency. The owners of certificates of insurance Charties served in the company of International SOS.

Can be covered card holders aged 16 to 70 years. 
• Insured persons may also be the children of the main card holders over the age of 5 years, provided if they are the holders of supplementary cards. 
Number of trips during the term of the Certificate is not limited. The duration of each insured trip should not exceed 60 days. 
List of insurance benefits:

1.Death due to accident; 
2.Permanent total disability; 
3.Permanent partial disability; 
4. Reimbursement of medical expenses resulting from an accident or sudden illness.

Assistance during the trip:

1. Medical transportation; 
2. Medical repatriation; 
3. The repatriation of the body; 
4. Compensation for the cost of the coffin; 
5. Legal assistance after a car accident; 
6. Loan for pledge guarantee after a car accident; 
7. Extraordinary travel expenses for a family member of the Insured; 
8. The responsibility of the insured to third parties.

To obtain a certificate to the Client should contact the nearest branch of the Bank, and formalize the certificate. All additional information can be obtained from the department manager of the Bank.

17. Where can I find out about discounts and promotions privileged cards Visa? 
All information about ongoing promotions, discounts and promotions can be found or visit
18. Can I get an additional payment card on my minor child? According to the approved Rules of the Bank the age of Holders of additional cards must be at least fourteen (14) years.

How can I find out the exchange rate was converted from my payment card?


Issuing bank does not provide this information. If necessary, information about the conversion can be found 
20. What happens if someone finds my payment card? 
Basically, all payment cards issued with a special password-protected (PIN) no one except you cannot take your money, even if it finds or steals your payment card. 
For the safety of your money if the card is lost, you should call the bank to block your card and order a reissue for the payment card. Keep the money in the account of payment card is much safer than carrying money with you in cash. 
21. How and who can replenish an additional payment card? Replenish an extra payment card can be in any branch of SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan free of charge. Anyone can replenish your additional payment card, or make a bank transfer. When transferring money sender must specify details of the main payment card holder, i.e., in the field of name of the beneficiary, and the number of TIN IIC information indicate the main holder.
22. How much money can I withdraw from the payment card in one day? 
Cash can be obtained at any branch or ATM of the bank. For each of the payment card of SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan regardless of the type of payment card set daily limit for cash withdrawal of  450 000 tenge through an ATM, and 1.5 million tenge in the offices of the bank (or its equivalent in another currency). To withdraw cash in an amount exceeding the established daily limit, you must first contact the office or an authorization Center SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan.
23. Who is the owner of the payment card? Payment card is the property of the bank. Client - the payment card holder. In re issue of a payment card, the customer is obliged to render it.
24. Activation of payment cards, why? Payment card activation is required to transfer the payment card to active status. Activation is made by a Customer conducting the first PIN-transaction. 
25. When can be activated an instant (INSTANT ISSUE) payment card? In 30-40 minutes after issue of immediate payment card to a Customer with subsequent conducting the first PIN-transaction.
26. The code (key) word. How and where to get it? The code word is set by the client in completing the application for release of payment cards. If necessary, a code word can be found from branch manager presenting the identity document and a payment card.
27. How long will the money credited into our bank account of payment card, received by money order from other banks? 
Monetary funds, received by money order from other banks, will be transferred to payment card within 30 minutes after receipt and approval of the Comptroller of the branch of SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan.
28. Where’s the money: in the payment card or in account of credit card? Was money transferring to a new payment card? Money is stored on your bank account of payment card and card is a means of access to the account of the payment card. Accordingly, the reissue of payment card to worry "whether the money transferred to a new payment card" or not, it is not necessary.
29. Over what period a payment card is valid? 
Validity specified on the card in the format "month / year" (MM / YY), this means that the payment card is valid until the last day of the month of the year. 
For example: 09/14 means that the payment card will stop working the 1st October 2014 
Payment cards of SO JSC Bank VTB  Kazakhstan are available for 3 years. The exception is the payment card INSTANT ISSUE, which are issued for a term of one year.
30. What if the term of payment card expires? You should contact your manager account and fill out an application for reissue of payment card within 30 (thirty) days prior to the expiration of the payment card. The exception is the payment card INSTANT ISSUE, which are not subject to re-issue.
31. What should I do if I want to close the payment card? Need to cash out the money. Visit the nearest branch of the bank. Write a statement in the prescribed form. To rent  a payment card.
32. What is a PIN? What is ATM?

PIN - a personal identification number (usually a combination of four digits), which you must enter to get money from an ATM. PIN code is printed in a single copy in a special envelope, which you receive with payment card. In any case you cannot write the PIN on the card payment and you cannot store the PIN number near the payment card. It is strictly forbidden to pass the PIN to any third party. Recommended memorize the PIN and destroy the received envelope.

ATM - ATM is the acronym, translated to English - Automatic Teller Machine.


What if the PIN is entered incorrectly? 

If you enter a PIN code incorrectly once, you can try to remember and enter the correct PIN code two more times. If the third attempt failed, but you remember a PIN, you will need to contact the Authorization Center 7 727 330 43 43, and reset the dial a PIN. If you forget your PIN, you must contact the bank and write a statement about replacing the card. Together with the new payment card you will receive a new PIN. 
34. Can other people use my debit card? Payment card may be used only one whose name indicated on the payment card. If you wish to have funds on your credit card were made available to someone else, you can place one or more additional credit cards. Remember that you as the owner of the payment card account, you are responsible for all operations for an additional payment cards. To make an additional payment card you must to appeal to the bank and write a statement by presenting your papers and the person in whose name is made an additional card.
35. How to find the balance of funds on the payment card? 
Cash balance of payment card can be found by requesting the balance of payment card through an ATM or by calling the Center of authorization SO JSC VTB Bank Kazakhstan on +7 727 330 43 43, calling card number and code word (if necessary an employee of the Center may request additional Customer data).
36. How quickly will I receive SMS notifications about transactions made on account of the payment card? Depending on the load of SMS –center operator, on average, within 1-5 seconds after the operation.

Can I use SMS notification service from outside the Republic of Kazakhstan? 

Yes, if you use a roaming.
38. What to do if re-issue of payment cards connected to a system of SMS notifications? You will need to undergo the procedure again to connect to the SMS notification system. 
39. Can I use my debit card at ATMs of other banks? You can use your debit card at any ATM of any bank with the logo of the IPU Visa Int.  
40. The potential of the ATM. 
The amount that can be removed by payment card at an ATM during the day may be limited by your bank or a bank, which owns the ATM. 
Example: A client wants to withdraw through ATM VTB24 100,000 rubles, the equivalent of 500,000 tenge. Client pre-shot limit on the payment card, contact the Center for authorization JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan. When prompted for 100,000 rubles, the ATM refused to issue cash, with notice of the possibility of obtaining an amount of 7500 rubles. This means that VTB24 set limit on a one-time cash withdrawal at ATMs of foreign payment cards 7500 rubles. This restriction is not prohibited by the SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan. 
The maximum number of bills can issue an ATM depending on its modification. The amount of disposable cash depends on the dignity of bills, which charged an ATM. 
After completion of the ATM transactions are usually reported by a beep and the appropriate command: it returns the first a payment card, and then gives the money, and then prints out a receipt for the operation.
41. Payment card and money necessary to take within 40 seconds after they are released from an ATM, or they will be captured by them as unclaimed. If, however, an ATM delayed card, you must write a statement to the Bank branch manager that owns the ATM. 
If the client does not have time to take the money taken from the payment card of SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan for 40 seconds, and ATM withdrew, must write a statement for the department manager SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan. 
If the client does not have time to take the money taken from the payment card of another bank within 40 seconds, and ATM SO JSC Bank VTB Kazakhstan withdrew, must to write a statement for the manager of the Bank, which issued this payment card.
42. Who can provide information about the flow of funds in the account of the payment card customer? Information about cash flow on the payment card’s account of a Customer is a bank secret and it may be rendered only directly to the payment card holder or in cases provided by the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
43. In what currency possible withdraw money at the Bank branch through POS terminal At the Bank branch through POS terminal in the currency of the card account. In the case of foreign currency needed to carry out the exchange operation.
44. What is the commission amount for payment of goods and services in shops? Payment for goods and services in commerce for the owner of the payment card is free of charge.
45. Can I set a limit on the use of funds for additional payment cards and whether change of the limit in the future? For more payment card may set a limit restrictions on the use of funds. When necessary, change the limit, just to write a statement.