Deposit Stable

Basic parameters Conditions
Customer segment for which the deposit is offered Legal entities, Individuals (Individual entrepreneurs / peasant (farm) holdings, private notaries / private bailiffs, professional mediators, attorneys)
Term of deposit Minimum term in KZT, RUB - from 3 months;
Maximum term in KZT, RUB -up to 24 months.
Currency of transactions KZT/RUB
Payment of remuneration Monthly 
Minimum deposit amount KZT – 500,000;
RUB – 85,000.
Maximum deposit amount KZT –  1,800,000,000;
RUB – 300,000,000.
Minimum balance KZT – 500,000;
RUB – 85,000.
Interest rate Set individually
For individual deposits the interest rate shall not exceed the limits of interest rates set by KDIF.
Additional contributions Not allowed
Partial withdrawal Not allowed
Capitalisation of interest Envisaged
Prolongation Not envisaged
Terms and conditions of early termination of bank deposit Accrued/payable interest is recalculated and paid out at the interest rate of demand deposit

Contact person Liya Seitova Small Business Director, mob.: +7 (777) 666 59 65 ext.: 330 45 24, tel: +7 (727) 330 4524, ext.: 4524;